Students are asked to bring at least one box of facial tissues to their French class within the first week of school.

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Classroom procedures and expectations:

1) All assignments an topics covered in class are posted on my website everyday and posted in class. Students are expected to go to my website calendar EVERY DAY. They are responsible for all information posted on there; however, please note that nothing will be put on the website that was not also posted during class time.

2) French 1 and 2 students are expected to bring the book checked out to them to every class.

3) A composition book is required for all French students. Students will be expected to keep all of their notes and assignments well organized and separate from other subject papers. This composition book WILL be a part of their grade.

4) Class materials (paper and writing utensils) are to be brought to class every day.

5) Students and parents are asked to sign-up for home access. This can be done on the main district It is important that both the parents and the students know the password for this, so that both can monitor their academic progress.


7) We have a bathroom located in our room. Students will be allowed to use this during appropriate times. Students will not be allowed to leave to use other bathrooms. Please come to class prepared. You will not be permitted to leave to go to your locker or to another teacher. Please take care of all outside obligations outside the class. Do not ask to leave the classroom during class time.

School policies:

8) ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Cell phones, ipods, etc. are to either be left at home or off and out of sight during the school hours. Head phones are not to be worn during school hours.

9) DRESS CODE: The school procedure for dress code violations is as follows:
a. The student arrives in class inappropriately dressed.
b. Appropriate clothing is brought to the classroom.
c. The student is sent to the restroom to change.
d. When they return, the “offending” item of clothing must be surrendered to the hall monitor or teacher.
e. The clothing may be picked up after school by a parent only.

10) MEDICATIONS: All medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) must be kept in the nurse’s office, with the appropriate prescriptions on file. No teacher will be able to give you any advil, tylenol, cough drops, etc.

11) GOING TO THE NURSE: Please note that when a student is sent to the nurse’s office, a record is kept of when the student arrived and left. A teacher will know if a student did not show up at the nurse’s office.
-- Please note that nurses cannot give medicine unless a parent has provided it to the nurses in advance. Students are encouraged to stay in class and ask for some accommodation from me when they have a headache/feel tired. Please reserve the nurse visits for illness that can't be dealt with in class. If your student has special needs or circumstances you feel I should know about, PLEASE tell me.